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Organic cotton dres for girl 3 - 18 months.

Girls' Button-up Hoodie with Bows_S54736
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Cute girls' hoodie from Kitikate made of soft organic cotton is sized for 3-12 months old, and, thanks to the soft lining, is very warm and comfortable. The hoodie is knitted in classic reverse stitch and is adorned with two beautiful bows located alongside the popper fastening. 
Material: 100% organic cotton

S16765 BLUE
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Newborn gift set
100% organic cotton

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100% Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

The fashion brand Kitikate is coming to the European market with earth-friendly and mindful baby clothing with the goal of providing you with high-quality products, the production and distribution of which is not veiled by the shadow of doubts and concerns regarding any ethical or environmental aspects of their genesis. Our company credo is therefore not only the creation of both first-rate and jaunty products, but also a meek compliance with standards, values and princiles of sustainable development. We hold with honour our GOTS certificate and with all the responsibilities recognized are striving to build a prosperous and viable future for next generations.